From Sarah:

I hate that anyone has to go through this pain and torture. I was with my kids’ father for 7 years before we split up. We got together while I was young and he was my first true love. I will always love him for being the wonderful man he was and daddy to our kids.  Although he had his battles with addiction and alcohol, the worst was the demons. As long as I can remember he fought them while it was inside his head no one could see the real battles he was trying to fight and overcome. He had attempted suicide before and did not succeed when we were going on our 2nd year of the split. I received a call from a nurse 7 hours away where he lived and he had stabbed himself with a knife and had been rushed to the ER. Since we were still married they called his wife…me. I was mad and upset that he would do that. He had always threatened because he thought it would bring me back but it only scared me away.

He hung himself on June 7th 2016. Two weeks before our daughters 9th birthday I received the horrible call. First from my sister and then from his mother confirming the body was her son’s.

This is still hard for me to talk about.

Christopher Dwight Williams gave me my daughter and my son.  Chris was only 33 when he took his life and left behind his mother, sister and brother and all of our nephews and nieces. They loved him he was their favorite uncle. We were always the favorite couple for all of our family and even when we split we still stayed very close to all of our family. He had a good heart and kids could see it and were attracted to him always wrestling and playing. He would spend his last penny to make anyone smile.


The following are messages that Sarah has sent to Chris following his suicide:


If you are considering or contemplating suicide, or you know someone who is, please know that your life matters, you would be greatly missed and call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 

If you are a survivor of suicide, please also seek support.  You are not alone.

Read about the creation of Project 488. Project 488: Letters To Loved Ones Lost
Project 488 is done in memory of my husband who said we’d be together for the 88s.
I love you, my husband.